Sponsor a Kiddush

If you would like to sponsor a Kiddish for a birthday, anniversary or any other simcha, contact the shul and we will give you every possible assistance.

Telephone number: 631-477-0232

E-mail address:

Send a Sunshine Card

Rain or shine, a Sunshine Card brightens the day for recipients. Remember friends, family, and fellow shul members on joyous occasions, and wish them well when illness and sadness strike. It costs so little to do so much. Please make your contribution payable to:

The Daughters of Israel

P.O.Box 659, Greenport, NY 11944

To send a Sunshine Card, contact Thelma Novick at:



Invest In Our Shul

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit synagogue.

• Bequest: Make a gift to the shul with an inclusion in your will.
• Charitable Gift Annuity: A cash or appreciated stock gift provides fixed income for life. • Life Insurance Policy: Contribute a fully-paid or new policy with the shul as owner.
• Life Estate: Donate real estate through a grant deed, and use the property for life.
• Charitable Remainder Unitrust: This investment pays a fixed percentage of the gift’s assets to the shul, while allowing the contributor a current tax deduction.

Honor Loved Ones With A Plaque

• Memorial Plaque: mounted in the sanctuary, lighted during the anniversary month.
Cost: $300 members; $600 nonmembers.
• Tree of Life Leaf: commemorates a simcha or joyous event, mounted in social hall. Cost: $54 members; $108 nonmembers
• Sanctuary Seat Plate: nameplate is placed on the back of a seat in the sanctuary.
Cost: $200 members; $250 nonmembers.