Monday, August 17
Bill Packard Reveals How The Flute Makes All That Music
Shul member Bill Packard has brought his “Basically Baroque” quartet to our shul for several
delightful concerts. Now, Lunch and Learn brings Bill front and center to tell us about his
difficult but rewarding 60-year adventure with the flute. Just how does the flute make all that
music? And how does Bill make that music sing?

Thursday, August 20
Rabbi Gadi Continues High Holiday Series With The Covenant of Isaac
For the remaining Thursday sessions until Rosh Hashanah, Rabbi Gadi will concentrate on the
three Jewish patriarchs and four Jewish matriarchs. He began with the Covenant of Abraham,
then Sarah, and will continue next Thursday with the Covenant of Isaac. In the coming weeks,
Rabbi Gadi will explore the covenants of Rebecca, Jacob, Leah and Rachel.

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