Hello everyone. Good news. Lunch and Learn is returning.

We have a special treat for you this Monday, Oct. 26. The three Levin sisters — Rachel Levin Murphy, Ellen Levin Wiederlight, and Jody Levin — will provide a rollicking good time for all with stories and adventures about growing up on the North Fork.

On Thursday, Oct. 29, Rabbi Gadi will begin a weekly series on Jewish history, responding to a request made by many of us in the recent long-range planning survey. As the rabbi will explain, Jews live within the larger context of world events. Accordingly, the series will begin with an overview of Jewish periods, looking at Zionism in the last 150 years, then reverting to the first century and a climb back to meet current time — a fascinating journey through time and sacred memories.

Be sure to Zoom at noon every Monday and Thursday.