Question: How to celebrate Hanukkah in the time of Covid-19, when family and friends could be far, far away?

Answer: Sisterhood to the rescue with two colorful Hanukkah cards, photographed in our shul by Andrea Blaga, and offered in packages of 6 for $18.

4-D: 4-D? What’s that? “Dollars Do Double Duty.” Send holiday wishes to family and friends, and support the Sisterhood’s fundraiser, all at the same time. With a click right here ​​​​​​​, you will be swept directly to the Hanukkah Cards page on the shul’s website. Choose 6 of your favorite photo, or 3 of each view. Choose one package or a dozen. Choose to pay online or send a check.

Result: Happy friends and family. Happy Sisterhood. Happy you for a 4-D Hanukkah celebration.