About Tifereth Israel Greenport

Congregation Tifereth Israel is a Historic Synagogue on the North Fork in Greenport. It is an egalitarian, inclusive, Conservative synagogue committed to strengthening Jewish values, learning and spiritual well-being as well as building a close, warm and supportive community for all who wish to join.

Lunch and Learn: Owning A B&B, Pleasures and Pitfalls From A Local Innkeeper

Monday, Sept. 14 Owning A B&B: Pleasures and Pitfalls From A Local Innkeeper   We’ve invited a community guest to join the Lunch and Learn program this Monday. Sylvia Daley, owner of Quintessentials Inc. in East Marion, will join us for a fun session about the pleasures and pitfalls of owning a bed and breakfast. To have journeyed around the globe from her home in Jamaica to a B&B in East Marion is a [...]

Lunch and Learn: Owning A B&B, Pleasures and Pitfalls From A Local Innkeeper2020-09-17T12:30:41-04:00

Lunch and Learn: Golf 101: Two Champions Reveal The Skinny On The Sport

Monday, Sept. 7 Golf 101: Two Champions Reveal The Skinny On The Sport Shul members Miriam Gabriel and Adrianne Greenberg make those choreographed drives and targeted chips, putts and pitches look easy. But they’re not, as those of us who toil in the rough know all too well. Find out what it takes to make a golf champion from two champions, and up your appreciation for the sport, whether you’re playing or watching in [...]

Lunch and Learn: Golf 101: Two Champions Reveal The Skinny On The Sport2020-09-10T15:51:39-04:00

Adrianne Greenberg

Shul member Adrianne Greenberg makes the top of the “Jews in the News” column this month for her nail-biting first-place finish in the Islands End Women’s Flight A Golf Championship. To hear Adrianne tell it, the final match in the Match Play format came down to the final hole.  Adrianne was one-up, having taken the 17th hole, and she putted successfully on the 18th. Now it was Bonnie Palmer’s turn. If her opponent tied her [...]

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Douglas C. Emhoff

Douglas C. Emhoff (born Oct. 13, 1964) is an American entertainment lawyer and the husband of U.S. Senator and 2020 Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris. He was born to Michael and Barbara Emhoff in Brooklyn, and moved to California as a teenager. His family is Jewish. Emhoff graduated from the California State University, Northridge and the USC Gould School of Law. He is an entertainment litigator. He was previously married to Kerstin Emhoff, [...]

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Peter Madoff

Peter Madoff, brother of disgraced financier Bernie Madoff, has been released from federal custody. He served a 10-year sentence in a federal prison in Miami for his involvement in his brother’s Ponzi scheme, which was worth almost $65 billion — the largest in history and one that inflicted heavy financial losses on investors, many of them Jewish. In June 2012, under a plea deal, he admitted guilt to charges of conspiracy and fabricating investment records. [...]

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Paul Mueller

The Shofar joins the membership in mourning the deaths of Paul Mueller, brother of Tim Mueller, a close friend of our shul; and also Elaine Schwartz, a friend of many in our shul. Elaine was killed in an auto accident this month. A celebration of her life was held on August 23.

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Nadine Taub

In the early 1970s, Nadine Taub was one of a cadre of young female lawyers breaking new ground by fighting gender discrimination. Along with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Nancy Stearns and others, she made legal history in cases that successfully argued that equal rights for women were protected under the Constitution. She litigated cases for rape victims, for women seeking access to abortion, and for employees battling workplace discrimination and sexual harassment. Ms. Taub, 77, a [...]

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Reese Schonfeld

Reese Schonfeld, who founded the Cable News Network (CNN) with Ted Turner in the early 1980s before developing another major cable channel, the Food Network, a decade later, died July 28 at his home in Manhattan. He was 88. Mr. Turner and Mr. Schonfeld gambled that CNN could effectively challenge the three main broadcast networks in their news coverage, which at the time consisted largely of 30-minute evening newscasts. In 1975, he started the Independent [...]

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Martha Nierenberg

Martha Nierenberg had barely turned 20 when she was bundled off a train in central Hungary and hidden by nuns in a Roman Catholic hospital. It was March 1944, and a Nazi occupying force that included Adolf Eichmann would immediately embark on the annihilation of 500,000 Hungarian Jews. Mrs. Nierenberg, who was born into one of Hungary’s wealthiest families, evaded capture for two months before friends assured her she could venture home. There she learned [...]

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