About Tifereth Israel Greenport

Congregation Tifereth Israel is a Historic Synagogue on the North Fork in Greenport. It is an egalitarian, inclusive, Conservative synagogue committed to strengthening Jewish values, learning and spiritual well-being as well as building a close, warm and supportive community for all who wish to join.

Greenport Ecumenical Ministries Interfaith Service 

     Greenport Ecumenical Ministries, a group of clergy and ministers representing the diverse houses of worship and ministries on the North Fork, will present an interfaith service entitled “Journey Toward Reconciliation.”   The service will take place on Sunday, January 24, at 3:00 p.m. via Zoom. The service is built on the need to heal a fractured society, both political and religious. Participants will reflect on passages of both the Hebrew and Christian scriptures with the hope of [...]

Greenport Ecumenical Ministries Interfaith Service 2021-01-14T17:07:55-05:00

Lunch And Learn – The Covid Vaccine: Availability and Distribution

Monday, Jan. 18 We are privileged to announce that Paul J. Connor, Chief Administrative Officer of Stony Brook Eastern Long Island Hospital, will be our guest this Monday on Lunch and Learn. With the much anticipated yet perplexing rollout of the Covid vaccine, all of us are seeking guidance on the availability of the vaccine in our neighborhood and how it will be distributed. Be sure to join us at noon for clarity on the [...]

Lunch And Learn – The Covid Vaccine: Availability and Distribution2021-01-14T16:38:09-05:00

Lunch and Learn: Beachfront House

Monday, Jan. 11 What do architects think about during the design process? How does building design evolve from concept to completion? Join shul member Meryl Kramer at Lunch and Learn for a case study of her AIA-award-winning design for a beachfront house. Meryl Kramer earned a degree in architecture from Cornell University, and heads a 5-person architectural firm in Southold. Zoom at noon for a close-up look at how architects work. Thursday, Jan. 14 [...]

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Lunch and Learn: Ship Modeling

Monday, Jan. 4 Zoom at noon to be amazed. You won’t believe the intricacy Mike Slade employs to craft his ship models. No detail, from the hull to the rigging, is lost on the vessels he has been meticulously researching and modeling for more than 30 years. Learn about the woods, the fittings and the trims he incorporates into his models, and see the stunning results.  Thursday, Jan. 7 Zoom at noon and join [...]

Lunch and Learn: Ship Modeling2021-01-07T16:23:20-05:00

Joseph Safra

Joseph Safra, a Lebanese-born financier, who became the world’s richest banker after building an international business empire in Brazil, his adopted country, has died. He was 82. The scion of a Sephardi Jewish family, Safra was born in Beirut and was guided by his financier father, Jacob. Famous for his discretion and conservatism, Safra chaired until his death the Safra Group, a conglomerate spanning banking, property, cellulose and bananas. Forbes magazine estimated his wealth this [...]

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Guido Goldman

Guido Goldman, who used his vast inherited wealth and extensive network of friendships in politics and the arts to help rebuild America’s relationship with Germany after WWII, died Nov. 30 at his home in Concord, MA. He was 83. Mr. Goldman’s fingerprints can be found on many of the leading postwar academic and cultural institutions linking the United States and Germany, including the Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies at Harvard University, which he [...]

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Jack Steinberger

Jack Steinberger, who shared the 1988 Nobel Prize in physics for expanding understanding of the ghostly neutrino, a subatomic particle, died Dec.12 at his home in Geneva. He was 99. The neutrino’s existence was first proposed in 1931, but finding one proved difficult. It has no electrical charge, travels at nearly the speed of light, and has almost no mass. Not until 1956, when ways to smash atoms and examine the debris were developed, was [...]

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Janet Yellen

U.S. President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. has nominated former U.S. Federal Reserve chairwoman Janet Yellen to be Secretary of the Treasury. If confirmed by the U.S. Senate, Yellen would be the first woman to lead the 231-year-old U.S. Treasury Department. Yellen was the first woman to lead the Federal Reserve, which is America’s central banking system. She served as chair between 2014 and 2018, and was the body’s vice chair from 2010 to 2014, following [...]

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Hayley Orlinsky

When Hayley Orlinsky of Chicago learned on the news in March that doctors and nurses were running low on masks amid the frantic early weeks of the COVID pandemic, she wanted to help. She ran to her room and made a friendship bracelet. She told her mom she wanted to sell the bracelets to make money for one of the hospitals. With a video on Facebook, the idea took flight, and Hayley’s rubber band [...]

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Jeffrey Rosen

Jeffrey Adam Rosen is an American lawyer who has served as the United States Deputy Attorney General since 2019, and will become Acting United States Attorney General of the Trump administration upon the resignation of William Barr on December 23, 2020. In an interview with the New York Times about his approach to the law, Mr. Rosen said, “At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what politicians say. It matters what the facts [...]

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