Yahrzeits In August

2: Vera Black; Rose Elsky; Harry L. Karp

3: Ruben Feinman; Anne Finkelstein; Edward Kaplan; Rose Malaspina Labar

4: Meyer Katzenberg

6: Alan Alford; Ruth Buchbinder

7: Ann Handler

8: Philip Packard; Florence Wells

10: David Lewis; Charlotte Meyer; James Sidney Slotkin

12: Wilson DeLynn; Rachel A. Israel; Minna Orliansky

15: Hannah Lesser Goldstein; Irving Meshover; Marjorie Teperman

16: Milton Lipsitz; Esther Winters

17: Yomtov Safer

20: Bette Jeselsohn; Meyer Levenback

21: Leonard Berg; Franklin Mountain; Arthur J. Sharp

23: Ethel Brown

24: Morris A. Schottland

25: Rose Wander Kornfeld

26: Emanuel Bloch; Louis Posner

28: Morris W. Brown; Anna Goldin; Ethel Moch

29: Jack Kaplan

30: Herman Revere

31: Rose Crohan; Rae B. Levy


Birthdays in August

1: Andrew Sausmer

2: Marilyn Bayer-Levine

3: Paul Birman; James Sausmer; Simeon Seigel

6: Laurie Pinchuk

8: Dede Whitsit

9: Rebecca Seigel

11: Jane Messing

20: Abby Mendillo

21: Ashley Solomon

23: Tom Byrne

25: Carolyn Finn; Adrianne Greenberg

31: Rabbi Gadi Capela


Anniversaries in August

5: Alan and Helen Weinstein

31: Paul and Alice Nadel


Refuah Shlemah

Jane Sachs

Jody Levin

 Philip Goldman

Paul Birman

Thelma Novick

Harold (Hal) Neimark

Spreading Sunshine

          In times of triumph and celebration as well as those of sadness and turmoil, a card to a family member or friend is a welcome expression of sunshine and your love.

Yes, you can purchase a card created by Hallmark. Or better still, you can purchase a Sunshine Card from the Sisterhood by calling Andrea Blaga, the shul’s office assistant, at 631-477-0232. Let Andrea know the message you would like to convey, and she will send a personalized Sunshine Card, indicating your feelings, and also that a donation has been made to the Sisterhood in the recipient’s honor. You can mail your donation to the Sisterhood (P.O. Box 659, Greenport, NY, 11944) or take advantage of the shul’s donate tab on our website (www.tiferethisraelgreenport.org), where you can use a credit card for payment. Your loved one and the Sisterhood appreciate your thoughtfulness.