Yahrzeits In June

2: Peter Friedmann

4: Solomon Bush

5: Evelyn Blitz

6: Dorothy Finkelstein; Harry Greenberg; Jennie Levin

7: Robert W. Strong; Rebecca Scheanblum Wechsler

8: Shirley Melnick-Staltz; Louise Oliver

11: Rebecca Kaplan Blumenthal; Myron Sausmer

12: Siah Schlefstein

13: Yitzchak Ben Pesach Katcher

14: Rosa Klausner; Hattie Weinstein

15: Dr. Maxwell C. Ballen; Miriam Lipman; Bertha Mandell; Stella Weinrib

16: Norma Youmans

17: Hersh Julius Edelstein

18: Alexander Feigen

19: Liba Adelson

20: Michael Ballen; Nathan Bell; Sarah Bell; Ethel Schwartz Levinson

21: Herbert Gochman; Sam Speyer

22: Kenneth S. Goldin

23: George Dolin; Lillie Ehrenreich

24: George Berson

25: Bernard Cooper; Albert J. Farber; Rosalind Mordkofsky

26: Meyers D. Goldman; Dr. Gustavo “Gus” Lara

28: Dr. Howard Bachrach; Shirley Kotik; Eva Levinson; Sandor Weisz

29: Mary Dalven; Philip Kaplan; Anna Silverman

30: Filia Holtzman

 Birthdays in June

4: Jennifer Berg

8: Ann Hurwitz

11: Marian Friedmann

19: Carol Levin

27 Carol Seigel

Anniversaries in June

9: Stanley and Roberta Kaplan

17: Matthew and Allison Nathel

24: Lewis and Helaine Teperman


Refuah Shlemah

Jane Sachs

Jody Levin

 Philip Goldman

Paul Birman

Thelma Novick

Sy Brittman

Harold (Hal) Neimark


Spreading Sunshine

          In times of triumph and celebration as well as those of sadness and turmoil, a card to a family member or friend is a welcome expression of sunshine and your love.

Yes, you can purchase a card created by Hallmark. Or better still, you can purchase a Sunshine Card from the Sisterhood by calling Andrea Blaga, the shul’s office assistant, at 631-477-0232. Let Andrea know the message you would like to convey, and she will send a personalized Sunshine Card, indicating your feelings, and also that a donation has been made to the Sisterhood in the recipient’s honor. You can mail your donation to the Sisterhood (P.O. Box 659, Greenport, NY, 11944) or take advantage of the shul’s donate tab on our website (www.tiferethisraelgreenport.org), where you can use a credit card for payment. Your loved one and the Sisterhood appreciate your thoughtfulness.