Yahrzeits In October

1: Stan Finkelstein; Lena Fortgang; Jack Levin; Lia Bitumai-Shalom

2: Samuel Lipman; Joseph Wiederlight

3: Norma Panepinto

4: Abraham Kaufman; Edna Kremsky

5: Miriam Goldman; Fannie B. Lipman; Paula Rubin Sherman

6: Abraham Ehrenreich; Adele Blanche Lustig; Diane Nadel; John M. Weiss

7: Bruce Bloom; Hilda Finkel

10: Tillie Landau Burch; Gloria Kaplan; Amir Victory

11: Leo Goldin

12: Leopold Ehrlich; Jonathan Fenster

13: Fred Kampler; Beatrice C. Levine

14: Max Fierer; Molly R. Kaplan Ginsburg; Esther “Red” Harris

15: Beverly Ruth Friedman; Max Silverstone

17: Sylvia Kelbick; Ida Levinson; Henry Mandel

18: Abbie Levinson

19: Benjamin Ballen; Stavrula Mousakitis

20: Anna Budofsky; Allan Richter; Sol Walker

21: Bertha Kaufman

23: Fanny Levin

25: Abraham Kaplan; Nettie Ruth Liburt

27: Leo Weinstein

28: Rosalind Almond-Lepawsky

29: Bessie Bush

30: Alexander Kahn; Jeremiah Levy; Esther Skurowitz

31: Eve Bloom; Arthur Levinson

Birthdays in October

2: Marjorie San Filippi

11: Michael Kolin

10: Alice Nadel; Judith Weiner

27: Joshua Clauss

28: Jason Kolin

Please share your celebrations with the shul family. Forward the month and day of your birthdays and anniversaries and those of your immediate family to Sara Bloom at sbblazer@hotmail.com


Refuah Shlemah

Jane Sachs

Jody Levin

 Philip Goldman

Paul Birman

Thelma Novick

Harold (Hal) Neimark


Spreading Sunshine

In times of celebration as well as those of sadness, a card to a family member or friend is a welcome expression of love. You can purchase a Hallmark card, or you can purchase a Sunshine Card from the Sisterhood by calling Andrea Blaga, the shul’s office assistant, at 631-477-0232. Relay your message to Andrea, and she will send a personalized Sunshine Card, indicating your feelings, and also that a donation has been made to the Sisterhood in the recipient’s honor.

You can mail your donation to the Sisterhood (P.O. Box 659, Greenport, NY, 11944) or go to the shul’s “donate tab” on our website (www.tiferethisraelgreenport.org), where you can use a credit card for payment. Your loved one and the Sisterhood appreciate your thoughtfulness.

As a fundraiser, Sisterhood is selling the cards at $18 each (chai) or three for $36 (double chai). Get yours by calling Andrea, and paying by mail or online by credit card.