Donations in October

Jay and Carolyn Berfas

Stanley and Roberta Kaplan

Anthony and Francine Fontana

Clarke Gardens

Menachem Kastner and Sherry Shaw

Daniel Lipman

Aldo Maionano

Horton-Mathie Funeral Home

Dr. William Packard

Stony Brook Eastern Long Island Hospital

Helen Weinstein

Paul and Pamela Birman

Noah’s Restaurant

Gerard and Monica O’Grady

Eli Martin and Susannah Leete

Michael and Kelly Hershey

Barry and Rena Wiseman

Carol Novick

Nathan Graf

Elaine Schwartz

The Greenporter

Ken Homan/Braun’s Seafood

Richard Smith

The Ink Spot

Bruce and Sara Bloom

Miriam Gabriel and Adrianne Greenberg

Dena Zemsky

Marc and Joanne Kopmen


Lloyd and Randi Straus

Larry and Jodi Jaffe

Joseph and Elizabeth Brittman

James Sausmer and Family

Joan Prager

Philip and Elaine Goldman

Lisa Schaffer

Gayer Tax Service

Paula Shengold

Rochelle and Alan Garmise

Dedicated Funds

  • Capital Improvement: covers major additions and repairs to our building and grounds.
  • Archive/Library: supports new books for our library, plus archival materials.
  • Education: provides supplies/materials for the Hebrew School and adult education classes.
  • Ritual Materials: replaces prayer books, tallit, kippah, Torah mantles, Rimmonim,  breastplates, curtains, reader’s table covers, etc.
  • Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund: allows the rabbi to provide help when he is asked.
  • Financial Assistance Fund: supports those in need in Southold Town.
  • Harold Winters Fund For the Hebrew School: supports Jewish education.
  • Paul S. Birman Technology Fund: supports updates and new communication programs.
  • Marshall S. Hurwitz Fund for Special Programs and Projects: supports cultural    endeavors for the shul and community.

Invest In Our Shul

  • Bequest: Make a gift to the shul with an inclusion in your will.
  • Charitable Gift Annuity: A cash or appreciated stock gift provides fixed income for life.
  • Life Insurance Policy: Contribute a fully-paid or new policy with the shul as owner.
  • Life Estate: Donate real estate through a grant deed, and use the property for life.
  • Charitable Remainder Unitrust: This investment allows the contributor a tax

   deduction and an income for life. Upon death, the balance in the trust goes to the charity.

Honor Loved Ones With A Plaque

  • Memorial Plaque: mounted in the sanctuary, lighted during the anniversary month.

Cost: $300 members; $600 nonmembers.

  • Tree of Life Leaf: commemorates a simcha or joyous event, mounted in social hall. Cost: $54 members; $108 nonmembers.
  • Sanctuary Seat Plate: nameplate is placed on the back of a seat in the sanctuary.

Cost: $200 members; $250 nonmembers.


Membership Per Year

Family                                                             $850

Individual                                                       $550

Event                                                  Members                     Nonmembers

Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Baby Naming* $450                                     $900

Sanctuary Only                                              No charge                             $300

Community Room Only                                $25 per hour                         $50 per hour

Community Room, Kitchen and Park           $300                                     $600

Rabbi’s classes                                              No charge                             No charge


Commemoratives                              Members                     Nonmembers

Memorial Plaques                                          $300                                     $600

Tree of Life Leaf                                           $54                                       $108

Prayer Book Bookplate                                 $54                                       $54

Pentateuch Bookplate                                    $72                                       $72

Sanctuary Seat Plate                                      $200                                     $250**

Isidore Handler Hebrew School                    No charge                             No charge

*Fee includes use of the sanctuary, community room, kosher kitchen, and Andrew Levin Park. Setup and cleanup fees will be paid by the individual or group renting the facilities. Renters of our facilities must submit an agreement 10 days prior to the event.

** A seat plate designee must be a member or a deceased member of the synagogue.