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Lunch and Learn

Lunch And Learn – The Covid Vaccine: Availability and Distribution

Monday, Jan. 18

We are privileged to announce that Paul J. Connor, Chief Administrative Officer of Stony Brook Eastern Long Island Hospital, will be our guest this Monday on Lunch and Learn. With the much anticipated yet perplexing rollout of the Covid vaccine, all of us are seeking guidance on the availability of the vaccine in our neighborhood and how it will be distributed. Be sure to join us at noon for clarity on the vaccine issue, followed by an instructive Q&A.

Paul Connor oversees the 70-bed community hospital in Greenport, is vice chairman of the Peconic Landing Board of Trustees, and serves on the board of the Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Council.

Thursday, Jan. 21

Zoom at noon to join Rabbi Gadi for the continuation of his fascinating Jewish history series. The series leaves the Hasmonean Dynasty and moves to the Romans, the next ruling dynasty of Judea, and to the kingship of Herod the Great, who expanded the temple and foreshadowed the rise of religious Jewish sects, including Christianity. Zoom at noon.

Lunch and Learn: Beachfront House

Monday, Jan. 11

What do architects think about during the design process? How does building design evolve from concept to completion? Join shul member Meryl Kramer at Lunch and Learn for a case study of her AIA-award-winning design for a beachfront house. Meryl Kramer earned a degree in architecture from Cornell University, and heads a 5-person architectural firm in Southold. Zoom at noon for a close-up look at how architects work.

Thursday, Jan. 14

Zoom at noon to join Rabbi Gadi for the continuation of his fascinating Jewish history series. The series leaves the Maccabean Revolt and segues to the Hasmonean Dynasty, the ruling dynasty of Judea and the surrounding regions during classical antiquity, from 140 BCE to 37 BCE, and the entrance of the Romans and Herod the Great.

Lunch and Learn: Ship Modeling

Monday, Jan. 4

Zoom at noon to be amazed. You won’t believe the intricacy Mike Slade employs to craft his ship models. No detail, from the hull to the rigging, is lost on the vessels he has been meticulously researching and modeling for more than 30 years. Learn about the woods, the fittings and the trims he incorporates into his models, and see the stunning results. 

Thursday, Jan. 7

Zoom at noon and join Rabbi Gadi for the continuation of his carefully researched Jewish history series. The series continues today with the Maccabean revolt, the story of Hanukkah, and the end of Greek rule over the land.

A Big ‘Thank You’ To Our Lunch and Learn Presenters 

The Lunch and Learn program extends a big “thank you” to all of our 2020 presenters, from our first program on Monday, April 20, with Ron Rothman, through December 31, with Rabbi Gadi. Applause, applause, applause to our presenters: Adrianne Greenberg, Marian Friedmann, Susan Rosenstreich, Deborah Pittorino, Cantor Melissa Berman, Ladan Shalom-Murray, Elizabeth Holtzman, Saul Rosenstreich, Nancy and Dan Torchio, Dr. Lewis Teperman, Ellen Jaffe, Francis Dubois, Roberta Garris, Dede Whitsit, Bill Packard, Cookie and Michael Slade, Miriam Gabriel, Sylvia Daly, Rachel Levin Murphy, Ellen Wiederlight, Jody Levin, Stephen Brumberg, Jack Weiskott, Kasa Bayisin, Josh Clauss, Sara Bloom and, of course, Rabbi Gadi who offered facets of Judaism every Thursday at noon.

Zoom at noon every Monday and Thursday in 2021. Bring lunch. Bring curiosity. Bring imagination. Bring an individual perspective and a willingness to connect to our shul and learn.

Lunch and Learn: Happy New Year

Monday, Dec. 28

Here we are on the cusp of a new year. As 2020 comes to a close, Lunch and Learn invites everyone to join in as we search for something positive to say about this difficult year. Let’s also talk about what you would like to see in 2021, and what you think might happen. Our New Year session will be interesting, fun, and maybe even prophetic. Zoom at noon, and let’s see if we are good predictors of what may come…  

Thursday, Dec. 31

Zoom at noon and join Rabbi Gadi for his Jewish history series. Having explored the State of Israel under Netanyahu, we will now travel back to the time of the Second Temple. We know where we are, and now we will see how we got here. The series continues with ancient history laced with modern references.

Lunch and Learn – Jews and Christmas

Monday, Dec. 21

At some point in their young lives, most Jewish children have asked their parents, “Why can’t we have a Christmas tree?” Zoom at noon this Monday, when Lunch and Learn invites you to participate in a lively discussion of the Jewish experience with Christmas, led by our own Suzi Rosenstreich.

Thursday, Dec. 24

Those who attended Rabbi Gadi’s Lunch and Learn program this Thursday heard an animated evaluation of Benjamin Netanyahu’s long leadership of Israel. On Thursday, Dec. 24 — by popular demand —  Rabbi Gadi will continue the discussion of Netanyahu’s agenda for Israel, looking more closely at Israel’s capitalistic shift to a modern state. Be sure to Zoom at noon. You don’t want to miss this one.