Monday, Sept. 14

Owning A B&B: Pleasures and Pitfalls From A Local Innkeeper


We’ve invited a community guest to join the Lunch and Learn program this Monday. Sylvia Daley, owner of Quintessentials Inc. in East Marion, will join us for a fun session about the pleasures and pitfalls of owning a bed and breakfast. To have journeyed around the globe from her home in Jamaica to a B&B in East Marion is a fascinating story, filled with insights, love of people, 23 years of experience, and much humor. As Sylvia says, “When people check into a B&B, they think I am their mother, solver of all problems and picker-up of socks from the floor.



Thursday, Sept. 17

Rabbi Gadi Continues High Holiday Series With Covenant of Rachel

This is the final session — the wrap-up — of Rabbi Gadi’s seven-part series on the covenants of the three Jewish patriarchs and four Jewish matriarchs. We have followed the journeys of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; and Sarah, Rebecca and Leah. And now, this journey will conclude with the covenant of Rachel. The series has provided a fitting introduction to Rosh Hashanah and the observance and celebration of the High Holy Days. Join Rabbi Gadi for the closing story and personal reflections. 

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Zoom at noon for Lunch and Learn.