The summer doldrums have given way to an eventful fall here at the shul. This is your opportunity to give us a hand with one or more of a variety of events in the planning stages. Choose to participate where your interests lie. You’ll have fun and the satisfaction of helping when and where needed. Call the shul at 631-477-0232 and volunteer for the following:

  • The Garden Committee: Adrianne Greenberg and Veronica Kaliski have been heading up the gardening efforts in Andrew Levin Park. Remember all those veggies and herbs, yours for the taking in recent years? The two gardeners would like to expand the plantings for spring and beef up the garden maintenance. If you would like to get your hands in the dirt, call the shul and leave a message for Adrianne and Veronica that you would like to help.
  • Sukkot is coming, which means erecting the shul’s sukkah. The sukkah will go up in Andrew Levin Park on Thursday, Oct.10, (the day after Yom Kippur), at 10 a.m., hopefully with many strong hands to make light work. Call the shul and let Micah Kaplan know you’ll be there.
  • What’s a sukkah with no decorations? Let’s not find out. Call the shul and let Elaine Goldman know you’ll come on Oct. 10 to help decorate the sukkah. Nothing fancy-schmancy, but nicely colorful. The shul has a box of goodies, but feel free to bring your own creations.
  • The Sisterhood has two requests for volunteers. The first is a familiar refrain, and one volunteer opportunity the shul would like to continue — with help from members. Friday evening onegs and Saturday kiddish lunches make Shabbats at our shul so enjoyable. It’s easy to volunteer. You can check the shul’s website for available signup weekends as well as how-to preparations. Or call the shul and leave a message for Sisterhood president Adrianne Greenberg regarding your availability.
  • The second Sisterhood request is for kitchen help to set up the break-the-fast meal that follows the concluding Yom Kippur service. Can you do some shopping? Can you work in the kitchen on Oct. 8? Lots of slicing and arranging. And good camaraderie and companionship, too. Call the shul and let Adrianne know how you can help.