Big Change — A Switcheroo! — In Next Week’s ‘Lunch And Learn’ Format 

Hello, Lunch and Learners. Just when you thought you had the ‘Lunch and Learn’ Monday/Thursday format all clear, comes a switcheroo. Next week, Rabbi Gadi will lead off on Monday, July 6, because we have a special guest on Thursday, July 9, with a program you won’t want to miss. It’s a switcheroo. Please mark your calendars now. See below.

Monday: Does The Pandemic Contain A Message From God? 

On Monday, July 6, Rabbi Gadi will open the week’s ‘Lunch and Learn’ series with a question: What is God telling us through Covid? Can we understand the symbolism? Zoom at noon on Monday for a compelling discussion on the Biblical perspective of a 21st-century issue.

Thursday: COVID-18-19: The Straight Talk On What We Need To Know 

On Thursday, July 9, shul member Dr. Lewis Teperman will sort fact from fiction on the coronavirus pandemic: where we stand now, what we need to do, and what’s ahead. Dr. Teperman calls the program: “ Covid-18/Covid-19: What You Need To Know.”

Lewis Teperman, MD, FACS, is vice chair of surgery and director of transplantation at the Northwell Health System’s Transplant Center in Manhasset. He is an internationally-recognized pioneer in liver transplantation, and a professor at the Hofstra University Medical School in Hempstead. Be sure to join us for this opportunity to get the straight talk on coronavirus.

Sign into Zoom at 12 o’clock every Monday and Thursday. Have lunch with shul friends, and learn a little, followed by a Q&A and some lively discussion. Download Zoom, visit, and click on “go to meeting,” Follow the prompts, and type in the code that you use for events and services. That’s all there is to it. 

Why lunch alone? Come eat. Come learn. Zoom at noon for ‘Lunch and Learn.’