Monday, July 20:

UN Civil Servant’s Postings To Middle East, Israel and Palestine

Hello Lunch and Learners. Our noontime sessions next week will introduce an international theme, starting on Monday, July 20, when French-born shul member Francis Dubois will talk to us about his distinguished 32-year career as an international United Nations civil servant. 

Francis Dubois served as deputy coordinator of the U.N. Secretary General in the Palestinian Territories, also head of the U.N. offices in Iraq, Algeria and Tunisia with the rank of Ambassador. Since his retirement, he serves on the boards of the Paris American Club and the National Arts Club.  

Thursday, July 23: 

Rabbi Gadi Discusses Israel —‘Light Unto the Nations’ 

“Light Unto the Nations” is a term that originated from verses in the Book of Isaiah:  “…and I shall submit you as a light unto the nations…”  Rabbi Gadi will discuss the vision of the prophet and the modern usage of the concept.

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