Sisterhood Meeting

Am I alone in missing seeing all of our Sisterhood gals?

I doubt it.

With modern technology there is a way for us to see each other and socialize.

It’s our new best friend, Zoom.

Let’s have our first Zoom Sisterhood Meeting this Wednesday, July 29, at noon. Since there is always food at a Sisterhood Meeting, bring your favorite lunch and beverage to enjoy while we all catch up and discuss the meeting topic:

The CTI Sisterhood: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. 

What do you see for the future of Sisterhood in this new Covid-19 world?

Go to the website and click on meetings and services. It will take you right to our Zoom meeting. 

Please confirm via email at  if you are coming. The anticipation will be fun.

I am eager to see you all this Wednesday.


Adrianne Greenberg

Sisterhood President